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A community celebrating the Minor Characters of Harry Potter.


1. Be warned that there will be mature themes on this journal, or mature content in the fics linked or posted here. This archive is for heterosexual or genfic only. We don't archive slash. Again, there are numerous archives that welcome slash, very few that specialize in het/gen.

2. All fics archived at overcomingrvlry must feature at least one minor character as a main character of the story. Side ships of major characters are permissible as long as the main thrust of the story involves a minor character and/or rarepair.

3. All ratings, G through NC-17, are permitted. No non-con, rape, bestiality, necrophelia, incest, chan, bloodplay, breathplay or other extreme kinks will be accepted. There are enough places that accept those types of stories, this isn't one of them.

4. Images, fics, essays, things of a possibly squicky and/or adult nature should all be placed behind an lj-cut. Small images and drabbles of a non-adult/squicky nature may be placed outside of a cut.

5. Feel free to suggest a challenge, or make a post about what sort of challenges others would be interested in, but please leave the actual issuing of challenges to the mod angylinni . Otherwise they'll be all over the place.

6. Challenge responses are to be posted to the community, but you are more than welcome to archive elsewhere as well. (Mentioning that it was done for a challenge for overcomingrvlry would be most appreciated.)

7. When posting fic and or fic recs, please use this format:
Rating: (G through NC-17)
Disclaimer: (You are not J.K. Rowling blah blah blah, etc.)
Author's Notes: (not required)
<*lj-cut text="Title, Pairing/Character, Rating"*>

9. Please, at the very least, spellcheck your works before posting, if not trying to have them beta'd. Thank you ahead of time. ^_^

10. Spread the word! Minor characters may be underappreciated, but it doesn't have to stay that way! Show your love and support for them by corrupting I mean, encouraging new writers!

Other than that, welcome to Overcoming Rivalry!
Many thanks, your mod, angylinni

Rules based on those for weasleyworship

Many thanks for assistance with layout to lysrouge

Harry Potter and all characters within belong to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros., and Raincoat Publishing. This community is for fun, not for profit.

Have any questions/comments/suggestions? Angylinni at angylinni@yahoo.com

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