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05 September 2009 @ 05:30 am
Save Me From the Dark  
Title: Save Me from the Dark
Rating: R - sex/sexual themes
Summary: Pansy finds her love of the Weasley twins.
Words: 11,016

This was written by me a couple years ago and posted on the overcoming rivalry website. I just now found it and am posting it to my LJ and overcomingrvlry .



Pansy Parkinson would never tell ANYONE how she truly felt. It just wasn't Slytherian. So if anyone had asked her why she was drawn to Weasley's Wizard Wheeze on this hot August evening, she would have told them it was none of their business. Truthfully, she didn't know why she'd come.


Every one considered Pansy to be the little pug faced girl that was attached to Draco Malfoy at the hip or the lips, depending on whom you talked too. That had all changed in June when Severus Snape had killed Dumbledore and taken Draco with him. She didn't want to be Draco's bint anymore. She didn't want to be part of the Dark anymore.


Not that she was falling for Potter, but something was drawing her to the Light. Maybe it just was the light of the shop, bright and cheerful in this dark time. Defiance in the face of Dark, she was a moth to the flame.


She stepped into the well-lit shop and began looking at the different items. She heard companionable male laughter and was a little shocked to see former Slytherin Bad Boy and Star Chaser for the Falmouth Falcons, Marcus Flint, come out from a back room, carrying a small package and laughing jovially with both Weasleys.


"Really, you must tell us at least how it works. We never knew Katie had such a fetish," one ginger haired owner was laughing, setting on a stool behind the counter. Pansy hid behind a shelf and pretended to browse.


"Not likely," Flint smiled and walked out with his purchase. Pansy was momentarily distracted. It was unfair really. Katie Bell snagging Marcus Flint. Not that Pansy wanted him, just that the Good Girl of Gryffindor seemed to have latched him without even trying.


The girl had been cursed by a necklace, thanks to Draco, and when one of Flint's mates had told him, he was at St. Mungo's making a huge scene, private room, best doctors, best nurses, whatever he wanted. The girl had awakened to a doting troll and had never looked back. It was rumored that Flint was just waiting for her to graduate to snag her up.


At Dumbledore's funeral he had even carried her away in his arms as she cried for the Headmaster. Pansy had told everyone that it was a disgusting sight, but in her mind, she wished someone had held her. She had been scorned. Draco's actions had become hers. She feared returning to Hogwarts in September. She actually feared being lynched.


It wasn't like she'd carry the dark mark herself. She wasn't sick like Bellatrix Lestrange. But being a wealthy pure-blood, she was expected to follow the rules. The rules that dictated she was to marry Draco Malfoy, that she’d supported the Dark Lord and that she’d pretend she enjoyed it. That was until Darco ran with Snape from the Dark Lord and the aurors. Now she was nothing.


"Do you need help finding anything, Miss Parkinson?" a voice whispered right in her ear, softly blowing down her neck.


She jumped and turned her best Slytherin face to the man standing behind her, heart pounding furiously, "No, just looking."


Her voice squeaked. What was that all about? Her mind never registered that he had called her by name.


He smiled and returned to the counter with his twin. How did you tell them apart? She saw no birthmarks or anything. They were exactly identical.


Pansy continued her browsing. She found herself edging toward the room that Flint and the twins had exited. It had a sign stating no one under seventeen allowed inside. Well she was almost eighteen so that wasn't a problem.


Several rambunctious children ran into the shop followed by a stressed looking mother. Pansy took the opportunity to sneak into the adults only room.


She was quite surprised by the adult toys, edibles and garments that filled the room. Toys and games designed by the twins. She looked at the shelves of items, a slight pink blush to her face.  She was looking at some fur lined hand cuffs, when a husky voice implored in her ear, "Are you sure that you don't need help finding something, Miss Parkinson?"


Again she jumped but this time her Slytherin look didn't come, because he had slipped a hand on each hip as she turned to look over her shoulder at him.


"No…no…I'm fine," she said, even though she really wasn't. How could a Weasel touch her and send that kind of shiver through her? She shivered more as she realized he hadn't moved from behind her but was running one hand down her hip and up her robes.


"Mr. Weasley, " she said breathlessly, trying to be demure.


"Oh, is my father here?" he looked around and then laughed, "No, I’m George."


He continued to rub her bare thigh, whispering quietly, "I think that you came looking for something that you've never been able to find in your Slytherin dungeons, little Snake Princess."


She felt herself melting into him, no matter how hard she fought it. No one had touched her so gently. Draco had taken what was his after the Yule Ball their fourth year. She had learned to lay back and "enjoy" it. It never felt like this.


George began moving the other hand over her stomach and up under her robes to her breasts. She moaned softly as he tweaked the nipple through the fabric of her silk bra.


"George, you started without me," came a voice that ended up stepping in front of her. She looked up into the face of what must be Fred Weasley and gasped at the look of lust in his eyes.


"We wondered how long it would take you to come to us," George whispered, "We watched and waited. We were beginning to think you wanted to stay in that darkness."


His voice was so soft on her neck, his lips and tongue touching her pulse points. She bucked a little as George moved both hands to her breasts, kneading and tweaking as he went.


She gasped out loud as Fred smiled a wicked smile at her, catching her lips in his and slipping both hands up her skirt. Her knickers were off instantly, straps breaking as he tugged. Fred released her lips and whispered, "We can't have those wet things on you. Why you'd be chaffed."


She whole heartedly agreed, but couldn't seem to find the words. George was still sucking her neck and massaging her breasts. Fred leaned in again kissing her and slipping both hands back under her skirt, fingers working her already hard clit and slipping into her slick folds. She bucked hard, barely able to stand.


"Maybe we should take this upstairs?" came a whispered voice, she didn't know which one. 


She nodded, unable to speak. She was scooped up, cradled in strong arms and carried up the stairs. The bed was large and comfortable, she found herself surrounded by Weasleys.


"How do I tell you apart?" she croaked, running her tongue over her dry lips.


They both laughed, one lying on either side of her and completely naked. When had that happened? When had she gotten completely naked?


"We don't mind you calling us the wrong name to begin with. "


"In time you'll tell us apart, so no worries now."


"But why me? Why would you want me?" She had to know the answer. Revenge was fine, but she hoped it was more.


Each was taking a hand, making lazy circles on her body. She found herself groaning in pleasure.


"Ginny overheard you talking…"


"…to someone in study hall…"


"…that you hated Malfoy…"


"…and wanted something more."


"That you would even shag…"


"…the Weasley Twins…"


"…to piss off your father."


"We have been waiting…"


"…a long time for you to join us."


Pansy's eyes popped wide. Weasel girl had heard her telling Millicent about her wish to shag the twins. Millicent was trying to get out of her binding marriage contract with Greg Goyle. Millie had been chasing Justin Finch-Fletchley for ages.


"What would you like us to do Miss Pansy?"


"Everything," she whispered and was pleased to see two winning smiles in return.


"Fred, you take the back, I'll take the front, and we’ll trade next time."


"Works for me."


She was rolled to her left and onto George, who kissed her. She was lying flat on him and could feel his erection. Were Gryffindors just HUGE? She was moaning and wanted nothing more that to have that hot shaft stuck in her. As if reading her mind, he thrust inside her.


She sucked in a breath and the thick cock, moaning deeply. She was sitting up on him and gasped as Fred slipped up behind her, rubbing hands up her back and over on to her breast. George watched raptly, bucking his hips slightly, as Fred massaged the globes and nipples. George reached a hand up and rubbed her clit and small part of his shaft as Fred pushed her down onto it further.


She moaned loudly and found herself lying flat on George.


"Be gentle Fred, she's probably a virgin there."


"No problem," came his soft voice. Pansy squeaked as she felt fingers run from her wet folds, that were surrounding George's shaft, up her crack, stopping at her arse hole. A juice covered finger slipped into her and she tensed.


Each ear was being filled with whispered words and gentle nibbles. She relaxed and moved into the motion. Gently a second finger was worked into the mix and a third. George hadn't moved any inside her, though she had tried to get him into a motion. She was glistening, her black hair plastered against her head.


"Patience, little Snake Princess," George whispered from beneath her.


Slowly Fred removed his fingers and replaced them with his thick shaft. Pansy reared back and felt him push all the way in. She cried out momentarily, but was soon lost in sensations as the twins began stroking her clit and massaging her breasts. The motion started, Fred moving, then George. Each taking a turn thrusting deep inside her.


She couldn't have told anyone, and wouldn't have anyway, how many times she fell over the abyss before they both came. Shuddering hard into her and sandwiching her between them. Sweating bodies in a pile. Slowly they disengaged and arranged her between them.


Exhausted, she had fallen asleep, only to be awakened at the first crack of dawn's light by gentle kisses and searching hands. This time Fred was on the bottom, watching as her breasts bounced and George thrust her arse from behind. They kidded her that they would need stronger silencing charms on the building if she kept that screaming up. Pansy never knew she was so vocal.




When she returned to Hogwarts in the fall, it was with permission from Headmistress McGonagall, to stay at the Weasley’s Wizard Wheeze in Hogsmeade, for her own safety. Those in Slytherin house did not bother her, for fear of the wrath of the Gryffindors.  She was marked as a blood traitor, but was protected by the most unlikely group.


When Potter defeated Voldemort, she had been protected by her twins, and kept from Azkaban like her parents, because she had proof that she was not serving the Dark Lord. And of course a woman carrying two sets of twins could not be punished by staying in prison. The quads alone were punishment enough, the Headmistress had told the Wizengamot. The women on the Wizengamot had agreed whole-heartedly, overruling the men.


It pained her that all four children were red heads. Just one could have had black hair. But then, she guessed, they wouldn't be Weasley's.



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amina45 on September 6th, 2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
I can't believe that you are here again. I come here, now and then, to read some "old" great stories, when I can't find anything new on the gryff/slytherin realm. Suddenly, there some new stories after two years closed.
I hope that other writers follow you and come back.
Oh, I loved the story, by the way. Thanks!
riabhachriabhach on September 6th, 2009 07:08 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I am glad you liked it!