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01 September 2009 @ 05:55 pm
Who Would Have Guessed  
Title: Who Would Have Guessed
Rating: PG-13 - no real sex scenes but some talk of it, curse words
Summary: Greg Goyle and Lavendar Brown meet years after the War. I wrote this before DH came out so does not follow DH!
Words: 5643

"Look at those two oafs, all they do is stuff their fat faces. Godric, how can anyone stand to eat so much? And we're burying the Headmaster today. It's disgusting," whispered Parvati conspiratorially to Lavender as they sat eating, or in Lavender's case, picking at their breakfasts.

Lavender felt slightly sorry for the two large Slytherins. They looked lost without Malfoy to tell them what to do. They weren't really ugly. They were not like Seamus Finnigan but then neither was Ron Weasley. Godric, what a disaster her relationship with Ron turned out to be.

Lavender looked through her lashes at the two boys. They weren't terrible. Crabbe was a bit large and round but Goyle had grown in height. He was just stout. She'd lay odds that for all the junk he ate there was a strong man building under those school robes.

She wondered if he worked out to be on the Quidditch team. He must to be a beater they had to be strong. She dropped her eyes when she caught Goyle looking at her.

She idly wondered what would become of him after this term. He'd probably be a Death Eater like his father, if the rumors were true. She thought it would be a shame. He really wasn't as stupid as everyone thought. She'd seen him reading his Divination book once in class and trying so very hard to see into the crystal ball. She sighed to herself and continued to pick at her meal.


Greg Goyle sat next to Vincent Crabbe and just ate. It was all he could do. The only way he knew to deal with situations he had no control over. Malfoy had really done it. He had let the Death Eaters in and killed the Headmaster, with Professor Snape's help of course. Now Greg would be expected to follow his
father down the road of darkness and give himself over to the Dark Lord so he could do great things.

At one time that had sounded cool, like being on the Quidditch team, but now it wasn't so cool. Malfoy was probably dead because he actually didn't do the deed
and Greg wanted nothing to do with following the Dark Lord. He didn't want to follow Potter either but what could he do? People didn't think he was that smart,
so no one would likely help him.

Vincent was adamant about getting the Dark Mark and following his father. Greg needed a plan. He caught Brown looking at him from the Gryffindor table. She dropped her eyes quickly. She was beautiful. Of course she'd never go with someone like him. No one had ever gone out with him, willingly. He doubted the
lovely Miss Brown would be even less inclined to go out with him if he had an ugly skull and snake branded on his arm. She liked the suave good-looking ones like Finnigan, although she had dated Weasley. Greg figured Weasley used a love potion on her because he was back to slobbering all over Granger again. Lavender Brown. One could dream. He stuffed another sausage in his mouth and sighed.


Seven Years Later:

Lavender adjusted her corset for the twentieth time. It fit just fine; it was just something to fidget with. She hated blind dates and of all things to go to a Yule Ball with a blind date, that was the worst. Who ever heard of going on a blind date to a Yule celebration?

For all her popularity at school, now that she was twenty-five, she was still ogled at by guys but nothing ever came of it. Dinner and an, "Oh let's shag." She wasn't a virgin by any means but she'd had a dry spell for a while. She was tired of the whole dating scene. Why couldn't she just find someone nice to settle down with? Did guys think she was really that much of a slag in school?

She looked in the mirror. Her long hair hid the scar on her neck. She was lucky; there were others who did not fair as well as her through the war. Even though she tried to stop the images, they flashed through her mind anyway. Parvati and Padma both killed, one defending the other as only twins could do. She'd seen it with the Weasley twins as well. They both survived but George was wheelchair bound and Fred was slower to joke these days because of the blow to the head he'd received. Dean Thomas, horribly disfigured but he worked in the Ministry as an auror. Mad-Eye Moody had taken him under his wing. Susan Bones, Ron Weasley, Colin Creevy and so many more had suffered. Her scar was inconsequential to that.

She watched the images swirl and sat down to catch her breath. She would not cry and muss her make-up.

A knock came at the door, "Okay in there Lav?"

"Yes Katie, just..."

The door opened and the other woman walked in, "Just remembering. I know it happens to me a lot, too. Come on, we’re meeting Marcus and your mystery man there."

Lavender rose and looked at Katie, "Just exactly who is it that Marcus set me up with? I am hoping it's not one of those brutes from the Falcons."

Katie's faced hitched just a moment. Lavender sighed to herself; it was one of Marcus's teammates, drat.

"It'll be fine Lav; it's just a Yule Ball. Really."

Katie turned and hurried down the stairs, probably to owl Marcus and tell him to find someone else ASAP. Lavender smiled. Katie was great. They had never been friends at Hogwarts, just girls in the same house. It wasn't until after Katie's accident with the cursed necklace that Lavender really saw the other girl and those around her.

She sniffled and started down the stairs. Oh to have what Katie had. She wanted a man who doted on her, even if he was a brute at Quidditch. He never raised an ill hand to Katie and they were quite the pair. Lavender snorted softly to herself, Katie and Marcus: Beauty and the Beast. She could do with someone like Marcus Flint, except for the teeth. She wanted someone tall and strong, dark hair and dark eyes and a taste for sweets, because she loved to make them. Since the war she had found comfort in cooking and baking, something she never expected to find in herself.

She stopped dead. Someone big and who liked sweets. That reminded her of Gregory Goyle. Wait, Gregory Goyle was a beater on the Falcons!

"KATIE, really it's okay if it's one of Marcus's teammates!" She screamed running down the stairs.


"Hey Greg, You headed to the Yule tonight?"

Greg turned to look at Flint. He knew he was being set up, he could tell, but he fell for the line anyway, "No. See no reason to go and drink in public when I can do it at home just as well."

Flint snorted at him, "Whatever mate. Katie's got a friend who was going to go with Zved over there but Zved decided to head back to Bulgaria for the hols."

"So you want me to go on a date with a girl who KNOWS she's being dumped?" Greg shook his head incredulously.

"NO TWAT! She doesn't know. She just knows its one of my friends from the Team."

"So it was a blind date? Poor girl."

"Yeah, well it was Katie's idea. Come on; think about it, would ya?"

"How long do I have to decide?"

"An hour."

"Shit, Marcus!"

"Sorry. Crap, there's Katie's owl."

Greg wanted to laugh. Big tough Marcus Flint bowed down to little Katie Bell like she was a giant. He shook his head and sat looking in the mirror of his locker. They had a great game today and why shouldn't he go? Katie's friends were pretty decent. Better than the girls that hung around the locker rooms waiting for the players to leave.

He sat trying to imagine who it could be, this mystery woman. Alicia was married to Warrington, so she was out. Johnson was still in St. Mungo's getting therapy and it was rumored that Montague visited her daily. Who else had Katie hung out with? Not Demelza Robbins, she was rumored to be with Pucey. Faces flashed through his mind of all the female Quidditch players he knew of. Cho Chang was a possibility, but he wasn't sure he could deal with the whole, "Well Cedric..." thing. He would try though. It had to be Cho. Katie didn't have any friends that didn't play Quidditch. Well she could at the Ministry but he didn't go much to the Ministry.

Greg brushed his short hair so it spiked up, checked to make sure his stubble wasn't too terrible and looked at the scar on his right cheek. There were
worse things. He'd seen them in the war. He looked at Flint who was having an animated discussion with Katie at the Floo. Katie's green flamed head was giving
him the LOOK. Greg wanted to laugh. Flint had helped him keep from getting branded by Voldemort. Greg could do this for him.

"Marcus, tell her I'll come," he called across the room. Katie beamed a smile at him before her head disappeared from the Floo.


"Katie, what am I going to talk to him about? Hmm? I don't follow Quidditch, I don't know anything but the few things Seamus and...Ron tried to tell me at

"Don't worry. I am sure he knows other things. Not all of the players are trolls, Lav."

Lavender knew she was trying to keep her mind off of Ron and his demise. It wasn't like they had been dating then, but it saddened her still.

"Well, I guess not," she replied smoothing her corset again.

"Really Lav, I think you'll like him. And I am sure that you will find something to talk about."

Lavender wasn't so sure about that as they stepped up to the apparation point and popped to the Ministry's new Grand Ball Room.

To the muggles outside it looked rundown and shabby but the true Ministry was glistening. The offending fountain statue in the front foyer that had been a centaur and elf and whatever else all gazing adoringly at a wizard had been replaced with a statue of the trio. Harry flanked by Ron and Hermione during
the final battle. The water bubbled up like a mist around the three making them look almost alive.

Lavender sniffed at the small plaque below Ron's foot noting his birth and death. Harry had disappeared with Ginny to lands unknown, though she knew they kept in touch with the Weasley clan; the only remaining trio member in England was Hermione and she shocked everyone by marrying Draco Malfoy.

Katie ushered her through the crowd to an ice sculpture. Marcus was waiting with a bouquet of a dozen white and silver roses dripping with icicles. Katie squealed in glee and made quite the public scene kissing Marcus. Lavender smiled and waited for them to come up for air.

"Lavender," Marcus nodded while Katie straightened her dress and her tried not to blush with embarrassment.

"Hello Marcus," she smiled and looked around. He wasn't there. It was only a pipe dream anyway. Lavender looked around the crowded foyer noting such
people as Minister Weasley and Molly, Seamus and Pansy Finnigan, Dean Thomas with Cho Chang and the crowd buzzed as Draco Malfoy led Hermione off the apparation platform and skirted her away from the statue and the reporters.

"Never saw that one coming from left field. Who would have thought?" came a deep rumbling voice behind her. Lavender started, and then turned to see a chest at eye level. She saw one hand holding two flutes of champagne and the other a small bouquet of Curcuma, her favorite flower, in soft pink with snowflakes and glitter. She looked up to a collar sprinkled with powdered sugar and to a face with a scar on the right cheek.

She knew that scar. She knew that voice. She tilted her head slightly more and saw his eyes. He recognized her too.

"Hello, Gregory," she managed to push out in a hoarse whisper.


Greg apparated with Marcus to the Ministry. He looked over the new fountain sculpture then stood with Marcus by an ice sculpture that was probably supposed to be a Thestral but looked more like a cow with wings. Modern art.

They stood waiting and Marcus grabbed ale to drink. Greg declined but began pacing.

"Really mate, she's not hideous. I promise."

"I'm not worried," Greg replied. Hell, yes he was. What if the witch looked at him and gagged? It was known that he had been on trial after the War just because
his last name was Goyle. Of course so had Marcus but there were many that stood for them which had surprised Greg, but some people just didn't forget.

There had been several witches walk out on dates with him, because he was the son of a dead Death Eater or because they thought he was just stupid. The only women who didn’t seem to care were the Quidditch groupies and Greg didn’t want anything serious with them. The non groupies just looked at the big dumb Death Eater and went the opposite direction.

Marcus had taught him to play the dumb game with reporters. It was easier. They didn't want to know that Greg had gone back and finished his education through tutoring and that he was good at transfiguration and charms. They just wanted to see the big dumb beater grunt like they wanted to see Marcus be a prick.

"Hey, did I loose you?"

Greg turned to Marcus, "No."

"Go get a drink or something. Geez, you'd think this was your first date or something," Marcus kidded him.

Greg laughed and headed for the bar in the corner. Walking helped calm him. It was his first date in well over seven months.

As he approached the bar he saw the counter containing all the treats supplied by Mrs. Weasley for the event. With Mr. Weasley being the Minister of Magic now Mrs. Weasley spent her time baking and the sign said Molly's Munchies - donations for war orphans appreciated.

Greg dropped two galleons in the kettle and picked up a powdered tart, his favorite. As he swallowed he thought back to his school days. To this day he still
used food for comfort. He was fit and not fat now, but food always called to him, especially sweets.

He turned at the sound of a big commotion. It was Katie and Marcus trying to swallow one another. They were here, crap. Oh Salazar's balls! Marcus had flowers for Katie. Crap. Greg looked at one of the snowflake-covered tarts and got an idea. With a wave of his wand he transfigured the tart into pink Curcuma's with snowflakes and glitter.

He looked at the barkeeper, "Two champagnes."

He grabbed the flutes and headed toward the trio. The mystery witch's back was to him but he could see long beautiful brown hair, a small waist and shapely figure. Even if she had a hideous face her body made up for it.

There was another commotion as Greg stepped up to the waiting group and he saw Malfoy leading Granger, now Mrs. Malfoy past the reporters and into a side room.

"Never saw that one coming from left field. Who would have thought?" he said laughing. Just the thought of it was funny. Ferret and Bookworm. It was actually a
really good match. He was glad Draco had finally gotten his head out of his arse and realized his crush on Granger.

The witch in front of him turned and Greg stopped laughing. It couldn't be. Surely she was married to some playboy now and not here standing before him. Her
chocolate eyes tilted up to his and his heart stopped. He could see the scar on her neck. Nothing should have marred this beautiful creature. He wanted to kill who did it and yet at the same time he felt so inadequate to be in her presence.

"Hello Gregory," she whispered softly.

He almost melted like butter on a warm roll, but he managed a firm, "Hello Lavender. These are for you."

She beamed at him, taking the flowers and one glass of champagne from his fingers. She sipped it and smiled at him as she smelled the flowers.

"They're lovely. Curcuma's are my favorite."

Greg was trying hard of to think of something smart and cunning to say but was spared at the last moment when the ballroom doors opened. He offered Lavender his arm and it felt like an electric charge as she placed her hand carrying the flowers over his arm.

He followed Marcus and Katie into the ballroom to a table. He didn't look at the reporters and their cameras. He could hear the whispers of other patrons
as they saw Lavender with him. It would be all over the papers tomorrow. Beautiful Dressmaker Feels Sorry For Quidditch Brute Attends Yule.


Lavender felt her heart jump when he said, "Hello Lavender. These are for you."

She beamed up at him, taking the flowers and one glass of champagne from his fingers. She sipped it and smiled up at him as she smelled the flowers. She thought she would float from the mere scent of them.

"They're lovely. Curcuma's are my favorite."

Godric, she felt so foolish, like this was her first date. Well it was in about four months. She wanted to say something witty but was spared the embarrassment
of sounding stupid when the ballroom doors were opened.

Gregory offered her his arm and she took it, trying to look demur. She felt like she had been shocked as she touched him. There was a warm electric feeling running through her.

They followed Marcus and Katie into the ballroom to a table. Lavender didn't look at the reporters and their cameras. She could hear the whispers of other guests
as they saw her with Gregory. It would be all over the papers tomorrow. World Champion Quidditch Beater Stuck With Slag For Yule Date.


The dinner was lovely and everyone laughed as Minister Weasley joked during his speech. Molly looked out from behind her napkin thoroughly embarrassed by Arthur’s muggle jokes.

Lavender found herself sitting quietly listening to her tablemates. Two other couples, Bill and Fleur Weasley as well as Blaise and Luna Zambini had joined them. It was quite a mixture of people. Lavender found herself looking at Gregory every time he talked. She had been right her sixth year at Hogwarts, there was a strong man underneath that boyish largeness.

She only talked when spoken to. She had never been so shy in her entire life. Why was she being so foolish? It wasn't like he really knew she existed with so many groupies that followed the teams. He was doing this as a favor for Marcus and Katie because they didn't want her to be alone on Yule. She would just enjoy the evening.

Music started playing through the room and the large dais was removed and replaced by a suspended dance floor. Couples swarmed to the floor. Marcus and Katie followed by Blaise and Luna were the first up to it, Lavender was almost certain.

"Laveeendeer, deed you make diz dress you are wearing?" came Fleur's rich voice. It still held the French accent even after all these years in England.

"Yes. It's one of five designs I have for Yule and formal dress robes," Lavender smiled unconsciously straightening the corset again.

"Bill, before ve go to France, I vant a dress from her shop," Fleur declared as they rose to head to the floor.

With Bill and Fleur’s exit, that left Lavender with Gregory sitting by themselves at the table. Lavender wondered what to say and not sound stupid. Oh stop, you're a Gryffindor, just say something, she berated herself.

"How is your season going?"

Gregory looked at her with those deep, almost black eyes. It must be a Slytherin trait, black eyes, as most of them had them.

"Not too badly. You follow Quidditch much?"

"No, not really. I mean I did at Hogwarts, but not now. I haven't even ridden a broom in years."


"I know it's silly but I am just not secure on them. I don't know how you Quidditch players do all those crazy stunts without falling off."

He laughed a deep rumble. It was a very inviting sound and without thinking she reached up and dabbed her napkin at the collar of his dress robes, removing
the powdered sugar.

He stopped laughing and looked at her. What was that expression that briefly crossed his face? Shame? Why would he be ashamed?

"Sorry. I do that all the time. Mostly when I am baking in the kitchen at home. When the shop's not busy I help Molly with her orphan's charity and all the sweets."

"That's very nice. Mrs. Weasley does a lot of work. Would you care to dance, they're starting a new song?"


Greg rose and helped her from her seat. He was still embarrassed that he had dropped food on his collar. He was more nervous than he had ever been in his life. He couldn't remember if he knew how to dance, he was so nervous.

They made it to the floor just as the song started. It was like a dream to hold this beautiful woman in his arms. He smiled at her.

Lavender was sure that his slightly lopsided smile was about the most endearing sight in the world. He was a great dancer and several people stopped to watch them. She hardly noticed; she was concentrating too much on him.

Finally they began talking without the shy glances and silly stuttering. She found him amazingly funny. After the fifth dance in a row she shook her head, "Please Gregory, I really need to get a drink and step away for a moment."

"Call me Greg. Gregory sounds like my mum or grandmum talking to me," he said smiling as he led her back towards the tables. She excused herself to the
lavatory and he watched her go.

Lavender was taking her time straightening her corset and checking her hair and make-up. Katie and Luna had just exited and there were a few other women in the lavatory in various states of redressing.

Two women came in the door and Lavender heard, "Can you believe she came with Goyle of all people? He was practically a Death Eater and he was so stupid too. I remember him in school. He was just a bully and a little retarded, I think. She must be desperate to go out with him. I thought Lavender Brown would never stoop so low."

"I know. Well, she is a friend of Katie Bell and look at Flint. He's ugly as a mud fence and just as stupid. Maybe they like to feel good about themselves being with the dumber men, or maybe they just want the money."

"True, true. It's a shame. I always admired Lavender in school. What a waste. Although she makes nice dresses, but I guess if you are a slag…"

The two women stepped out of the door and Lavender was almost in tears as she followed. They were still chattering away like magpies. Had she been like that with Parvati? It was awful.

"I can't imagine listening to grunting all the time from those apes."

"The only time I want to hear my man grunt is when he's having sex with me."

"He probably only grunts because he can't remember your name and he doesn't want to say the wrong thing because he's had too many slags on the side," Lavender remarked loud enough that four tables, including hers, could hear her. She was so angry she just wanted to hex both of these childish women.

Greg and Bill turned instantly to her voice.

Both women turned. Well of course it would be Marietta Edgecomb and Mandy Brocklehurst. Lavender couldn't remember their married names but she knew she'd seen Marietta's husband stepping around with a little oriental witch that was now on the Harpies’ Team with Katie.

"How...." Marietta started then stopped when she saw it was Lavender.

"How indeed, Marietta? Or should I say SNEAK because I recall you had that written quite nicely over your face once," Lavender retorted nastily. "You have no right talking about myself or Gregory. You know neither of us and you certainly know nothing about Marcus or Katie. How dare you be so rude and gossip-mongering in a public place like this!"

Lavender tossed her hair aside and both girls’ faces froze. Shit, her scar. Oh well. She turned to her table, "Greg I think I am ready to go now. I have had
enough of these people for one night."

Greg rose, scowling at the two women. Whatever they had said in the lavatory had Lavender absolutely shaking.

"Sure, we’ll go."

"I'll get Marcus and Katie, we were all going to the Burrow after, you're more then welcome," Bill said rising and waving at Marcus on the dance floor.

"Sure, see you there," Greg said taking Lavender's arm as she scooped up her bouquet and they walked out ignoring the two stuttering women. He shoved one reporter out of the way and took them to the apparation platform.

"Where do you want to go Lavender?"

"Anywhere but here."


Greg apparated them to the first place that he could think of, the Falcons’ Quidditch pitch.

It was empty now and it was quiet. It would give Lavender time to calm down from her experience. He turned to her, "Are you sure your okay?"

She nodded and looked around, "Where are we?"

"The Falcons’ Pitch. I figured it was quiet and you could calm down a bit," he replied leading her into the locker room. He seated her on the bench near his locker and accio'd some tissues.

She smiled weakly and dabbed her eyes, "Urgh, they were so hateful. Was I like that in school Greg?"

"Like what?" he asked sitting next to her.

"A gossiping twit? Those two were so rude and horrible. I wondered if I had been like that and I was getting my return karma."

"Not that I recall. But I never saw you in Gryffindor tower."

Lavender smiled at him. She was sure he was being nice at first just because of Marcus and Katie, but now she wondered what his motivation was. Without thinking she replied, "I'm not a slag, so be warned that what you have heard is not true, I don't sleep around."

His face flushed, "I didn't think you were a slag. You can't believe everything the DAILY PROPHET prints."

She smiled at him and blew her nose, "Sorry to ruin your evening."

"You didn't. I don't know who or what you were expecting Lavender, but I am not at all embarrassed by being seen with you tonight."

"Thank you," she replied, sniffing softly. Greg rose, retrieving something from a locker behind them; she looked up shocked, "What are you dong?"

Greg smiled at her, "Taking you for a broom ride. Come on, the pitch is empty."

He shook with barely contained excitement at the prospect of her snuggled close to him on his broom. The Nimbus 5000 was by far the best broom on the market. The Falcons were the only team with them, though Katie and Demelza of the Harpies each had one. Greg knew that Marcus had gotten Katie’s for her. He figured if the rumors about Pucey and Demelza were true, that Pucey had gotten the broom for Robbins as well.

He held out his hand, praying to Salazar she'd not refuse. Lavender looked slightly pale.

"Greg, I..."

He grasped her hand, "Come on, I won't let you get hurt."

He didn’t want her to say no. He led her to the pitch, climbed on the broom and
helped her settle aside style in front of him. He thought he'd die of want as she snuggled back against him. He kicked off hard and she screamed.

He leveled it off and floated above the pitch, "Sorry, I didn't realize you were really that scared."

Lavender shuddered against him. It was better now that they were just floating. "Just a little shocked, really. It is beautiful from up here."

She leaned back into him looking up at the crescent moon and the multitude of stars. She wasn't chilly at all. She wondered if the broom had a heating charm or
if it was just being against Greg's warm, hard body.

Greg looked down at her as she gazed around the landscape. He began moving them forward at a slower pace. She stiffened at first then relaxed. She looked
up at him, smiling. He couldn't resist, he leaned in and kissed her.

Lavender started at the touch of his lips. All of her breath escaped her. He was kissing lightly, testing for resistance or compliance. She pushed back firmly
and he matched her.

Greg moved one arm up to pull her closer. She tasted of champagne and warm honey. She shifted and the broom dropped. He yanked hard with his hand on the handle and managed to pull them straight.

Lavender was panting softly, "Oops."

"I know. I think I need to mention to Nimbus that they need a stabilizer on these brooms for intimate moments."

Lavender laughed outright. Greg smiled at her, "We should probably go before Katie and Marcus come looking for us."

She nodded and clutched him tightly as they descended.

Greg eased her off the broom, returned it to his locker and returned to her side, "I don't know how to get to the Burrow."

"Oh I do, no worries. But I really don't want to go. They will take it upon themselves to defend me and it's just better to let them cool their heels for a
bit," Lavender replied retrieving a quill and scrap of parchment from her handbag.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I can owl them and let them know I am fine and then we..." she paused awkwardly. What could they do that didn't involve sex and her heart being broken
when he left and didn't return? "We could go to Hogsmeade's Yule lighting."

Greg kept the sigh inward. She wanted to spend more time with him, this was positive. She used the Falcons’ office owl to send the post, and then she turned expectantly to him. He held out his arm and she took it smiling. Greg apparated them to Hogsmeade’s main square. The town was decorated for the Yule. Thousands of candles and a large dancing square dwarfed the town. The snow glistened on the buildings but it was warm.

They could feel the warming charms as they stepped through the streets. The lights had already been lit but there were crowds of witches and wizards walking
the streets. Shopkeepers hawked their wares and time seemed to pass far too quickly.

"Are you falling asleep on me?" Greg asked gently rubbing Lavender's shoulder as she leaned into him. They had sat on a park bench watching the children
singing carols and making snow angels.

"Hmm, a little. Sorry."

"No worries, it is three a.m."

"What, already?"

Lavender smiled at him. This was the best evening she'd had in a long time. She really didn't want it to end. Greg rose, pulling her with him.

"Why don't I get you home?"

"It's Dumbledore Heights, the new wizarding section off the west side."

"I've been there, to Katie's house, with Marcus and the guys after a game."

"That's where I am staying right now. Until the shop's Upper Flat is finished."

With a pop Greg apparated them to Katie's front door. Lavender touched her wand to the door and it opened with a chime. She turned, "You're welcome to come in Greg."

Something clicked, like the sound of a camera and Greg turned to look at the bushes in the neighboring house. Damn reporters. If it was Skeeter he'd sue the stupid hag.

He took Lavender's hand and looked at her. Her eyes registered that he must be going to decline because she seemed to wilt.

He leaned in close to her, lifting her chin up, "I would love too but I am taking a rain-check. I feel it only proper that we go on another date. You may not like me after your head clears in the morning."

Lavender looked at him, "Greg I have liked you since the end of sixth year. There are no worries."

He seemed shocked by this announcement.

"Good," he managed over the pounding of his heart, "Then I will see you tomorrow evening at seven. May I pick you up here?"

Lavender smiled, "Sure."

She leaned in and kissed him, hearing the click click of the camera lens. It was a chaste kiss and they parted too quickly for her tastes but she backed into the house and closed the door. Her heart racing that Gregory Goyle wanted to be seen with her again.

Greg stood for a moment then turned to the bushes, "Accio camera."

The contraption flew to his outstretched hand and he tucked it under his arm, "You print anything you heard and I'll sue, Skeeter. You watch yourself."

He heard a distinct harrumphing from the bushes as he apparated home. He had to get arrangements made for Devonish Faire's private dining room. Lavender Brown wanted to go out with him. Who would have guessed?

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