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21 September 2009 @ 09:30 pm
Fic: I need a hero M/K R 4/6  
Title: I need a hero, chap 3
Author: angylinni
Rating: R, for violence, sexual themes.
Summary:Katie used to dream that somewhere, there was the perfect guy for her. He'd walk into her life and sweep her off her feet, just as heroes were supposed to. Somewhere around the age of 17, after her brush with death and curses, she realized that heroes probably didn't exist. One night late in November six years later, she thought that maybe she'd been to hasty…
Words: 2591
A/N: This was a hard chapter to write. I could see what I wanted to show in my head, but getting it down on paper it fought me like a demon, thus the huge delay in chapters coming out. Two more and it'll be finished up, lots of stuff going on in the next two chaps, I have a lot of threads to tie up.

x posted to bell_flint and overcomingrvlry

Marcus lifted the pensieve out of the nest of protective foam and set it carefully on the table in Katie’s living room. Reaching into the case once more, he pulled out the vial of spelled fluid and uncapped it, pouring it carefully into the basin of the pensieve. Instead of the usual clear liquid, this was tinted a deep blue. Turning around, Marcus held out his hand to Katie. “You ready?”

She took a deep breath and nodded, lifting her wand to her forehead. Her face scrunched up slightly as a tangle of golden threads formed at the tip of her wand. Marcus held out a small vial towards her and she pulled her wand away from her head, scraping the sticky filaments into the vial. He held it over the basin of the Pensieve, his gaze slanting towards her. “We can do this one of two ways. Either I go in alone and just observe, or you can hold onto me and we do it together and I can stop it and ask you questions if need be.”

Katie stared into the deep azure liquid of the Pensieve, bracing herself to relive the memory that Marcus held gingerly over the basin. “The second way would be better, wouldn’t it?”

Her gaze lifted to his face and he nodded slowly. “Can you relive it again though?”

Another deep breath and then a firm nod. “With you there, I can.”

“That’s my girl,” he said approvingly, tipping the vial and spilling the memory into the Pensieve.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea, Katie,” Angelina interjected as the strands began to fall into the deep blue liquid, turning black as they sank.

“Noted,” Marcus said coldly, reaching for Katie’s hand. “If it looks like she’s having trouble, I’ll pull her out. Now, let’s get this over with.”

Katie leaned closer, her fingers enclosed in his big, warm hand, her shoulder brushing against his arm. Taking a deep breath, she lowered her face until it hovered just above the swirling liquid. “I trust you,” she said and pushed her face into the liquid. Marcus was seconds behind her, his face joining hers in the liquid.

The walls of her office formed around her, the overflowing in basket on the corner just like it always was. Two uncomfortable chairs that were too big for the small space in front of the desk, kept meticulously clean, blotter filled with notes and upcoming meetings, each day so filled that it was hard to tell what color the paper had been originally.

“Miss Bell!” The door opened with a bang, the small elf holding a sheaf of papers in his tiny hand. “Direct from the Ministry, marked urgent!”

“Thank you, Elvira,” Katie said, holding out her hand for the papers, pulling the clip off them as she scanned the cover page. “Oh! They’ve set a date!” Katie’s eyes darted to her blotter and she cursed under her breath. “Bastards, they could’ve at least given us more than two hour’s notice!” Pushing back her chair, she reached for her wand, scooping the papers into the small briefcase she kept at the side of her desk. “Elvira, please note on the board that I need to go and collect Mr. McLaggen and then head over to the Ministry where I’ll likely be in court all afternoon.”

“Yes, miss, Elvira will do!”

The elf ran out of the office and Katie cast a wistful glance at the floo powder on the window ledge. “Damn suspicious clients,” she muttered under her breath as she left her office, making sure to lock the door behind her carefully. While she trusted her fellow employees at Barton and Clift, she didn’t give them any opportunity to snoop in her cases. She’d have to hope Cormac was at his home; otherwise she’d have to file for yet another continuance, delaying their case yet again.

She walked down the long hallway as quickly as she could without actually breaking into a run.

“Freeze.” Katie nearly jumped out of her skin as Marcus spoke, the scene freezing around them. “Why did you have to go to him, couldn’t you just Floo him?”

Katie shook her head, her eyes fastened to her frozen form, wishing she could stop what was going to come next. “Cormac refused to connect to the Floo network; he was convinced that people were spying on him, trying to steal his ideas. He would only accept visitors that were on an approved list, and even then they had to be escorted by his house elf Meera from the gate to the actual house.”

“And what were the papers for?”

“He was being sued for breach of contract for one of his inventions, and with all the turmoil after the war, the Ministry held hearings whenever they could fit them in, so I had to make sure I got Cormac to the Wizengamot for his side to be heard or we’d have to postpone yet again. He was furious with all the delays, said it was holding up his work.”

“What was he working on?”

Katie shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, really. The invention that he was accused of breach of contract on was for some type of specialty glass that let you see down to the molecular level. He’d contracted with a Romanian company to produce it, but there was some issue about one of the ingredients and he pulled out of the deal.”

“So he had no idea that you would be coming by, since the case would be heard whenever the courts had time to hear it. He must’ve figured his house would be a safe place for him to take the women.”

“Meera had standing orders to escort me to him any time I arrived, because we had no idea when the Ministry was going to hear the case.”

“Without any warning to him?” Marcus asked, frowning.

“As far as I know, no. Every other time I had to go out there, he was in his lab, working.”

The scowl on Marcus’s face was fearsome to behold. Shaking his head, he sighed and rubbed her shoulder. “You okay to move on?”

Katie nodded; her gaze still locked on her other self.

Katie left the building, one of the larger ones on Diagon Alley. Barton and Clift had been around nearly as long as Gringotts, and enjoyed a prestigious location right next to the bank. Walking quickly down the cobble- stoned street, she ducked into an alcove and lifted her wand, Apparating to the McLaggen ancestral estate in Wales. Rolling hills of lush green grass surrounded her as far as the eye could see, the vista marred only by the large stone gate and iron fence that surrounded the property on all sides. It was charmed to within an inch of its life; anyone trying to enter the estate without permission would be blasted to kingdom come within seconds of touching the gate or fence. Katie stepped up to the small bell set into a niche on the gate and rang it once, stepping quickly back away from the gate. Seconds later, a small house elf appeared in front of the gate, dressed neatly in a pristine white tea towel. “Hello Meera, I need to see Cormac, it’s urgent.”

The elf’s eyes were wide and she shook her head sharply, slapping at it once with her hand. “Master is inside but he is… Master is busy.” The elf twitched again, slapping herself hard on the hand. “You leave now.”

“I can’t Meera, its imperative that I see Cormac and get him to the Wizengamot today. We have a hearing in an hour.”

The elf slapped herself twice more and her shoulders drooped. “Yes Miss, Meera will take you.”

“Why are you punishing yourself, Meera?” Katie asked.

“Bad Meera, Master want to not be disturbed, but you must see him.” The elf grabbed her hand and Apparated them into Cormac’s study.

A sharp scream rent the air and Katie’s fingers curled tightly around her wand. “Meera, what is going on?” she whispered, but the elf had disappeared the second they’d arrived in the manor house, leaving her alone in the cavernous room. Another scream made her jump and she set her bag down, holding her wand before her and heading towards the door. The training she’d had in the DA and afterwards came back to her instantly, a stunning spell half formed on her lips as she crept stealthily towards the door.


Katie jumped when the scene froze the second time, her eyes wide, skin pale and sweaty. Marcus grabbed her shoulders, steadying her when it looked like her knees were about to buckle. “Katie! It’s me, you’re safe,” he said firmly, rubbing his hands briskly up and down her arms. She blinked hard and color started to return to her cheeks as realization set in. She wasn’t really in Cormac’s study. Marcus was here with her and they were in her flat. She was safe. “Okay now?” She nodded and he stepped back, hands dropping away from her. “What the bloody hell were you thinking?” he asked, gesturing towards the frozen scene.

Katie turned to look at herself, and shook her head, her shoulders lifting and falling as she struggled to remember why she hadn’t run as far away as she could when she’d heard the first scream. “Anti…” Her voice was barely above a whisper and she cleared her throat, trying again. “Anti-Apparition charms, the house was thick with them. Only the elves magic worked.”

“Why did you insist on going with her in the first place, she was obviously petrified and didn’t want to take you inside?” Katie shrugged again, the helplessness and fear she’d felt that afternoon coming back to swamp her, the edges of her vision going black. “Katie!” He grabbed her again, one hard arm sliding behind her back, holding her close. “I’ve seen enough,” he muttered harshly and then they were out of the memory, Katie leaning against him weakly on the couch, Angelina crouched before her, her face a mask of worried indignation.

“What the hell happened?” Angelina growled, waving her wand towards the kitchen and accio’ing a glass of water.

Marcus shook his head, his complexion nearly as pale as Katie’s. “She fainted.”

“I knew this was a bad idea, Flint!” Angelina spat, holding the glass of water to Katie’s lips, tilting it gently. “She isn’t strong enough.”

“Bollocks!” Marcus snarled, his hand stroking down Katie’s arm restlessly. “If you keep babying her, she’ll never be able to face the fucker.”

“He’ll kill her if she faces him!”

“I’ll never let that happen!”

“Stop,” Katie said weakly, pushing away the glass of water and laying her hand on Marcus’s thick thigh. “Please, stop.”

Marcus turned her face with his hand, thumb stroking gently over her cheek. “Okay there, sweets?”

“Better now,” she said, leaning into his touch.


“Ang, I’m fine, really,” Katie said, snuggling closer to Marcus’s warm body, laying her head on his shoulder. “I’d forgotten how scared I was.”

“I need to see the rest,” he said quietly.

She lifted her hand to cover his where it rested on her knee. “I know.”

“She doesn’t have to relive it again, does she?”

Marcus shook his head, his gaze still locked onto Katie’s pale face. “No, I can question her afterwards, that’ll be enough.” He glared down at the glass of water that stood on the table. “Get her something stronger; it’ll help clear the memory.” Turning back to the Pensieve, he stuck his face into the black shot water, submersing himself once more in the memory.

The door swung open before she could reach for it, a naked woman running through it and barreling into her, bowling her completely over. Her wand flew from her fingers as she landed hard on one hip, the woman’s hands scrabbling at her clothes as she fought to rise, blood pouring from several long gashes on her torso.

“You’ve got to help me!” the woman pleaded, nails digging into Katie’s shirt, gouging deeply into the skin beneath. “He’s trying to kill me!”

The door banged open once more, Cormac McLaggen standing there, his eyes wild with crazed determination. “Running away, Corrine? That’s not very sporting of you.” His eyes fell on Katie and a maniacal smile slid across his face. “Ahh, and the enchanting Miss Bell. Come to play at our party then?”

The woman lying atop Katie began to moan, her eyes rolling back in her head in terror as she scrabbled harder for purchase to rise. Katie was knocked backwards again, dizzy from the woman’s elbow connecting with her jaw. The last thing she saw before the world went black was Cormac standing over her, his eyes lost in madness.

Marcus jerked his face out of the Pensieve and took a deep breath, cursing long and low under his breath.

The floo bell rang just as a heavy knock sounded on the door. Katie stood shakily, leaning against Marcus for support for an instant until her knees felt like they would hold her. Walking to the door, she lay her hand upon it, peering through the peephole. “Who is it?” Behind her, Marcus answered the floo, kneeling on the floor before the hearth.

“Marcus?” Silas said, his expression grave. “You’ve got a big problem.

“Miss Bell, this is the Seattle Auror Division, we need to speak with you.”

Katie unlocked the door as Angelina took up a flanking position, her wand at the ready. The Auror standing on her doorstep looked grave as she pulled open the door. He held his wand loosely, but purposefully as his partner stood at his back, eyes scanning the area around them constantly.

“Miss Bell?” At her nod, the Auror continued. “May we step inside?”

Angelina moved to stand beside Katie, her Auror badge held out before her. “What’s this about, officer?”

“You are?” he asked, taking the badge from her hand.

“Angelina Montague, Senior Auror with the English Ministry, we’re here undercover on a case.”

The man examined her badge carefully, his wand still held on them both. With a sharp nod, he handed it back to Angelina. “There’s been an incident.”

“What kind of incident?” Marcus said from the other side of the room, rising to his feet. “Marcus Flint, Senior Hit Wizard, English Ministry and I’m getting my badge,” he said as he reached for his badge to hand it over to the Americans.

The Auror studied Marcus’ badge as carefully as he had Angelina’s, glancing at the fireplace and Silas’s face. “Silas Montague, Azkaban Liason Office, English Ministry,” Silas said. “I won’t be coming through, there’s enough of us over there as it is.”

“Did you notify the local office of your investigation?” the American Auror asked peevishly as he handed back Marcus’ badge.

“Papers were filed last week,” Angelina said quickly. “You mentioned an incident?”

The American turned his gaze back to Katie. “Where were you last evening, between the hours of eight pm and now?”

“I was here, in my apartment.”


“She was with me,” Marcus said briskly. “Why?”

The Auror shook his head and sighed. “Miss Bell’s assistant, Kelsey Bauer was found this morning in Miss Bell’s office, her throat slit from ear to ear.

Katie’s knees finally decided they’d had enough and she slumped to the floor, tears streaming down her face. “It’s him, it has to be,” she whispered in horror.

I drabbled this week as well, you can find my offering at sortinghatdrabs starting tomorrow I believe. There's a round of voting and then a winner is announced on Thurs. It's the first time I've done anything for the comm, and since the couple was M/K, I couldn't resist.
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